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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Compton Pirus.

I've had an abundance of Compton Piru graffiti so I thought I would condense all the odds and ends into one post.

Campanella Park Piru.

Campanella Park isn't in Compton proper, their claiming Piru shows how close they really are to the Hub city.

Cedar Block Piru.

Not the best photograph, but it's kind of rare to see CBP graffiti. The Game's sucess has really shot this gang into super stardom as you will know find people claiming it all over the United States. In certain states they are as deep as a couple hundred, which is insane considering his album has only been out a couple years. Rap's influence on youth culture is more than obvious, with this being a prime example.

Tree Top Piru.

Tree Top Piru exist right south of Rosecrans. North of Rosecrans is Fruit Town Piru. I'm not 100% sure of all their recent beefs, but they seem to call out Neighborhood Piru (one of the only LA Blood on Blood rivalries), Grape Street Watts (?) and Tortilla Flats, who I would consider their main enemy.

Fruit Town Piru.

I really have no idea what this message means. I can only assume Brandon Duckett is from a rival gang. He was either killed or will be killed? It's somewhat cryptic. Anyways, this is a prime example of Fruit Town Piru graffiti. From what I've seen of them and their close allies the Fruit Town Brims, both are very artistic.

Notice the small cherries hanging from one of the letters? That's to signafy Cherry Street. Fruit Town Piru gets their name from a group of streets including Cherry and Peach, while Tree Top is Cedar, Spruce, Elm, etc.

Mob Piru.

We've touched on Mob Piru before but here is another example of their graffiti. This was taken two blocks from the Compton Fashion Center. They clearly name some of their enemies: Palm & Oak Gangster Crip, Santana Blocc Compton Crip and South Side Compton Crip. And they rep the 1800 block.

Another example, with them calling out Santana Blocc again, as well as CV3.

52 / 59 Hoover Crip/Criminal.

Most Hoovers started claiming Criminal a long while back, but the Five Dueces have remained Crip and I'm not positive about the Five Nines. Still, they are all linked/connected and this is some joint graffiti most likely done by the Five Nines due to their name being first in one of the pictures.

This was crossed out by NSU, a mexican gang (I assume?) on Hoover. This is a pretty impressive piece of artwork. I think we can assume the 59's aren't Crips as they have the "C" x'd out on the finger nails. On the "W/S" they have the "S" x'd out, dissing the Rollin Sixties. Across the bottom they cross out the Rollin 60's, 90's and 30's back to back. Next to it is Six Duece Brim and to the right is East Coast Crip, Rollin 40's and Rollin 100's. Below that is a gang I cant identify, NSU and Napps aka Neighborhood Crips.

Real simple: Five Duece Hoover. The two O's are replaced with "GC" for Gangster Crip.

Santana Blocc Compton Crip.

SBCC are one of the more active Crip gangs in Compton. Their neighborhood is west of Mob Piru's, north of Rosecrans Blvd.

This was taken right north of Rosecrans, and you could see it off the bridge that cuts Compton into East & West. I'm not an expert, but I'll assume that this says Eastside Santana Blocc Compton Crip, Tiny Gangsters, Piru Killers. Below it is South Side Compton Crip Killer All Day and below that they claim Elm St Piru and Mob Piru as enemies.

This got cut off because it was a fairly narrow alley. It was clearly written by YG Doe Boy.

Santana Blocc crossing out some CV70 graffiti. Even with crossing it out and CV70 claiming crip killer, they for some reason claim Tortilla Flats Killer at the bottom.