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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Inglewood Family Gangster Blood.

The largest gang in Inglewood, IFGB have long been at war with the Rollin 60's and Eight Tray Gangster Crips, although the later recently have an unoffical truce as both are focusing on the 60's. IFGB mainly fued with the 60's and Rollin 90's, but recently have been beefing with 18th Street.

This was taken inside Rollin 90's Crip hood. It reads "Westside Inglewood Family Gangster Blood, Crip Killers. Rollin 60's + Rollin 90's Crip killers." The "Nappkiller Blood", as I've stated before, is a diss on Neighborhood Crips, which includes the 60's and the 90's.

Simply IFGB with Rollin 90's Killer underneath, also taken in 90's hood.

This too was taken in 90's hood at a different date. The standout here is the "CPF" up top, which I'm assuming means "Centinela Park Families", who were formally known as Centinela Park Piru. While some beef flares up occasionally, mainly between Neighborhood Piru & Crenshaw Mafia, Bloods in Inglewood seem to get along for the most part and keep "the I" on lock. The four Crip gangs in Inglewood are very small and not considered very significant. A good sign of this is how the main enemies of most Inglewood Blood sets are located in South Central, not Inglewood.

Rollin 20's Neighborhood Blood.

Quick note: for new people to this site, there are more posts than just the ones listed to the right under "previous posts". Just click the oldest one (at the bottom) and it'll have a list of the rest.

R20NHB are located in the West Adams district of South Central. They are basically the first black hood you hit on the West Side when traveling south down Vermont, Normandie, etc. Along with the Black P Stones, they are currently in a very serious war with 18th Street, who many accuse of being racially motivated in their attacks. The pictures came out well, but when uploading them to photobucket, the quality was affected greatly. We'll be registering a domain shortly and when we move everything over, the quality will be normal.

This was taken on 27th Street. The cliques are 25th Street, 27th Street, 29th Street, Avenues and Black Demon Soldiers (BDS). Within the zeros, you can see a "7" and a "5", so those are the two cliques that were involved in this graffiti. You'll also see they list 18th Street as their main enemy. "Rose" & "Stone" are most likely the names of the guys who did the art.

This was also taken on 27th Street, right across from the art above. They list out 27, 25 and 29 as well as the Avenues and list Crips in general, 18th Street and the Rollin 30's Crips as enemies. At the bottom is NHB, for Neighborhood Blood.

I have some more photographs and will be making a second post on the 20's soon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

52 Broadway Gangster Crips.

The Broadway Gangster Crips have two sets: 52 and 112. The Five Dueces mainly fued with the East Coast Crips lately and have been known allies of the Hoovers.

Besides the first picture, this was all along one block off Broadway and 55th Street. From first to last: "West Town Toast Killer" proclaims their hatred for East Coast Crips, mainly the Six Pack. Moving along you see the big 52nd Street and "Broadway Gangster Crip". In the orange on the left are the names of the people responsible for the graffiti and to the left is their set name (notice the 112 inside the BGC) with their enemies below: East Coast Crips, 42/43 Gangster Crips and the Blood Stone Villians. The last picture shows them again claiming East Coast Crips and Neighborhood Crips in general enemies.

Harvard Park Brims.

The Brims started in 1969 and were one of the oldest black gangs to still be in existence. They originally wore blue, but sided with gangs like the Swans, Piru Street Boys, Neighborhoods and Bounty Hunters when the blood alliance was formed. They are located in a neighborhood on the west side of South Central, almost completely surrounded by Neighborhood Crips (Rollin 60's, 67NHC & 55NHC) except on their Eastern border, where the 59 Hoover Criminals stay. The Slauson Swapmeet is directly North of their hood if I remember correctly.

This was taken on 62nd Street right as you enter HPB hood off of Western. It clearly states their main enemies: Hoover Criminals, all Neighborhood Crips and 18th Street, the "largest gang in LA". This is also a block or so from Harvard Park, their namesake. 62nd Street is the main click of Harvard Park Brims.

This was taken off of Western in the parking lot of the Slauson Swapmeet. "Nappk" means "Napp Killer", a diss on Neighborhood Crips. The graffiti to the right that's cut off is Florencia 13, who also are in this general area.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mob Piru.

Compton's Mob Piru are one of the more well-known gangs due to their affiliation with Suge Knight, owner of Death Row Records. Obvious Tupac/Biggie stories aside, Mob Piru is infamous for being known ryders, beefing on and off with Crip, Sureno and occasionally Piru/Blood gangs. Their closest allies, and sometimes enemies when things flare up, are the Lueders Park Piru. I'd say their main enemies are Compton Varrio 3 (CV3), Compton Varrio 70 (CV70, although this isn't as severe as the war with CV3, it's off and on all the time) and the Palm & Oak Gangster Crips. They also beef consistently with the Santana Blocc Compton Crips. It also must be noted that the majority of Mob hood lies in Lynwood, right north of Compton.

This was just a quick out-of-the-window shot taken along Rosecrans in Compton. It was about a block east of Long Beach Blvd. There are some apartments across from the Compton Fashion Center that are a known Mob Piru hangout. This tag is simple: Eastside MOB, which stands for Money Over Bitches.

This was taken in an alleyway by a gas station on Rosecrans. I had been to this gas station before, where I took a photograph of Compton Varrio Limas Street graffiti. Here is Mob Piru crossing out CVLS. I wasn't even aware Mob Piru was that far over East.

Another Mob throw-up in the same alley. This one means "Insane Mob Gang", one of their nicknames. Right next to is some CV70 graffiti which they didn't cross out, so maybe they aren't beefing right now?

Five Duece Broadway Gangster Crips up next. Thanks for the support thus far.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Updates Soon...

We might be putting the money down sooner than we thought for an actual server and domain ( because when uploading photographs, we've noticed the quality can get severely distorted and that is far from okay.

Soon (photos taken)...
Compton/Lynwood's MOB PIRU.

Later (some photos taken or expect to soon)...
Inglewood's AVENUE PIRU.