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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Family Swan Blood.

In the Eastside of South Central, there is a neighborhood known as Florence. There are two Blood gangs that have linked up to create Family Swan Blood: the Mad Swans, who are located from 77th Street North to 84th Street South and the 89/92 Families, who are from 89th Street North to 92nd Street South. They pretty much claim 77th to 92nd, but there are a few latino gangs that coexist within. One of the biggest, is Florencia 13, who haven't followed the trend of claiming "Blood Killer" like 18th Street lately and coexist quite well. They share a couple enemies too, the most well known being the East Coast Crips (Six Pack mainly) who robbed a member of the Mexican Mafia during a drug deal and got a green light turned on them.

The photograph that was here for some reason isn't working. I will have it fixed and re-up'd later. Sorry about that.

One thing I've noticed about the Swans is a lot of instances, they don't write FSB or anything related to Swans. Sometimes they just write the street that particular member claims or in a lot of instances, they just write "CK". Here is one of those instances, where they also call out the Main Street Crips and Avalon Gangster Crips.

Eastside Mexican Gangs

Los Angeles County is nearly completely occupied by Mexican gangs. A lot of these barrios/varrios date back to the early 1900's and the men and women who claim these sets have a lot of pride for the history they continue to contribute to. A large number of these gangs have waged war, for racial reasons or not, on the predominately black gangs throughout Los Angeles County. While some Mexican gangs are known to have white and black membership, it's hard to ignore the fact that a race war is taking place right now.

The politics of Mexican gangs is almost more complicated than that of the Bloods and Crips. I'd like to touch on that in the future. Most (but not all) Mexican gangs start their graffiti with the letter "V" for 'varrio" and a lot of the sets claim "13" at the end. No Blood or Crip sets claim 13, as it's only a Mexican thing.

36 Street.

This is a nice example of Mexican gang art. The Old English style is very popular amongst all gangs, but especially those of Latino background. I know nothing about this gang, only that they are located on the Northeast side of South Central. If anyone has any info, feel free to share it with us.

38 Street.
This gang is located in the same general area as 36 Street, but are very well known for fueding with black gangs. Many Crip and Blood sets are sworn enemies of 38 Street and you'll notice in a previous post we did about the 52 Pueblos that they have "38K" in their graffiti. This is a very simple tag, but they had their set written everywhere. Definately a gang that plans on trying to take over as much turf as they can in the coming years.

Watts Varrio Grape Street

Watts is one of the most infamous areas in Los Angeles, and probably the United States. It's not a very large area, located north of Compton, West of Paramount and South of Florence. It's literally jam-packed with gangs of all shapes and sizes. This Varrio claims Grape Street which is a street that goes vertically through Watts, North & South.

There will be more detailed info on Mexican gangs coming soon. These are just small examples.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

We're Still Alive...

Just stopping in to say we're still at it. I'm not sure how many people view this thing but we will have a new post on Sunday evening with some more photographs covering gangs we haven't mentioned yet. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions or leave a comment.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Westside Crip Gangs.

This is by no means a definitive listing of Westside (west of 110 Freeway) Crips, but we rolled through a lot neighborhoods yesterday and got some good photographs and rather than make four posts, I've chosen to lump them all together. We will be touching on some of these gangs again, but I thought some explanation was due. We focused on gangs between Vermont & Western from the Harlem 30's hood all the way down to Eight Tray Gangster, with a couple exceptions.

55 Neighborhood Crips.

The hood with the most wallbanging done when we rolled through yesterday was 55NHC. This gang had literally every wall and even some houses hit up with their name. The part of LA we were in has been the battlegrounds for a 20+ year war it seems between gangs that identify with Bloods (Bloods & Brims), Neighborhood Crips and Gangster Crips. These were the same neighborhoods where the Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips & Eight Tray Gangster Crips waged war on one another, forcing Crip gangs to not only take sides but it also paved the way for numerous Crip on Crip beefs and wars, which is as common today and sometimes even more common than Crip on Blood beefs. 55NHC sides with the Rollin 60's and claims the "N" card, which stands for Neighborhood. As far as I know, they claim a smallish neighborhood between 54th Street and Slauson, between Western and Normandie (maybe Vermont?). I'd love for someone to write in and give me the exact info, so feel free. The "H" in their name is crossed out because of their beef with the Hoover Crips/Criminals (they dont claim Crip anymore apparently) which I'm sure was inherited from being alligned with the 60's. They also claim "VNG & 62 Killers", which stands for Van Ness Gangster Brims and the Six Duece Harvard Park Brims.

From the same wall as the other picture, with the "BK" meaning "Blood/Brim Killer". They also fued with the 51 Nothing But Trouble Crips who have apparently been causing them a lot of problems as of late, but street talk is rarely unbiased so I dont know if this is a fact.

Rollin 40's Crip.

First off, the Rollin 40's are a pretty confusing gang. No disrespect intended, but it's really hard to follow their affiliations, beefs, etc, not that they should be going out of their way to make it easier for non-40's to know whats going on, but you know where I'm coming from. The 40's are split up into a few subsets: Avenues, NHC's (or Original West Sides), Park Sides (aka VSP = Vermon Square Park) and the Darksides. The graffiti above might be confused as 46NHC but it's not. 46NHC are a subset of the Rollin 60's, hence the "6" in their name. Little things like this are deadgiveaways in learning gang alliances and who they beef with. The side of this transformer box had "40's" written across it. The 40's are linked with most all Neighborhood Crips, although at least one of their subsets doesnt claim NHC and the Darksides in particular have beefed it pretty hard with the 60's on and off. Recently, as far as I know the 40's and Harlem 30's have (at least temporarily) squashed their beef but I dont know how long that will last.

Eight Tray Gangster Crip.

Probably the most infamous gang in Los Angeles, mostly due to OG "Monster" Kody Scott's book about growing up and banging ETG prior to and well into the infamous war with the 60's, Eight Tray Gangster maintains the largest turf of any gang in LA, but not the biggest membership. I'm going to have a full post dedicated to ETG's in the near future, so stay tuned.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Florencia 13.

One of the more well known Latino gangs in South Los Angeles, Florencia 13 is named after the Southeast area of LA known as Florence. While that remains their namesake, you can find F13 spread out onto the westside of South Central, making them east and west of the 110 Harbor Freeway. One interesting fact is that they dont fued with any Blood sets, which has always been a big target for Latino gangs. I'm not positive why, but Bloods have always been stereotyped as more vicious and drug-oriented than Crips. Regardless of whether or not there is truth to this, it can be assumed that a lot of these beefs are drug based as money, more times than not, fuels the hood.

This was actually taken on the side of a huge dumpster (as you can see) in Silverlake, which is 50+ blocks North of their hood. This picture is interesting because it adds truth to two theories: 1) that gangs get a lot of exposure due to tagging on dumpsters and trucks that travel through other hoods and 2) that gang graffiti is such a common thing in LA that a lot of people don't even bother painting over it. This was panted by F13's 57MDS clique, which stands for Malditos. They are the northern-most F13 clique (54th St. being their north border) and fued mainly with other mexican gangs, but also the 59 East Coast Crips. This puts them close to the 62 East Coast Crips as well, who we covered in an earlier post.

This was taken in Mad Swan Blood hood, which is also located in Florence. Mad Swan Blood, who we will cover later, operate between the 70's all the way up to the 90's, which is held down by Family Swan Blood, which could be considered their sister set. Next to the "MSB" on the wall, you can an F13 tag and both are crossed out by Carnales 13, another Latino gang.